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Nurturing the next generation of creative and strategic professionals.

Craft & Slate is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of creative and strategic professionals. Our internship program is designed to provide ambitious individuals with the opportunity to gain practical experience, develop their skills, and contribute to real projects in a dynamic and supportive environment.

Internship Opportunities

We offer internships in the following areas:

- Graphic Design: Work on a variety of design projects, from branding to digital assets, under the guidance of experienced designers.

- Digital Marketing: Gain insights into digital marketing strategies, including social media campaigns, email marketing, and online advertising.

- Content Creation: Develop compelling content for different platforms, including blogs, social media, and websites.

- Web Design and Development: Learn the intricacies of creating and maintaining websites, from user experience design to coding.

- Brand Strategy: Assist in the development of brand strategies and marketing plans for a diverse range of clients.

- Social Media Management: Manage and grow social media accounts, create engaging content, and analyze performance metrics.

- SEO and Analytics: Learn the principles of search engine optimization and how to use analytics to drive marketing decisions.

- Project Management: Gain experience in managing projects, coordinating teams, and ensuring timely delivery of deliverables.

Benefits of the Internship

- Hands-on Experience: Work on real projects and gain practical experience in your chosen field.

- Mentorship: Receive guidance and support from industry experts and experienced professionals.

- Skill Development: Enhance your skills through practical work, training sessions, and feedback.

- Networking: Build professional connections and expand your network within the creative industry.

- Career Growth: Gain valuable experience that will enhance your resume and prepare you for future career opportunities.

Application Process

To apply for an internship at Craft & Slate, please follow these steps:

1. Prepare Your Application:

- Full Name

- Age

- Contact Information (email and phone number)

- Preferred Internship Area(s) (choose from the list above)

- Statement of Interest: A brief essay (300-500 words) explaining why you are interested in interning at Craft & Slate, what you hope to gain from the experience, and what you can contribute to our team.

2. Submit Your Application:

- Send your application via email to

with the subject line "Internship Program Application - [Your Name]."

3. Review Process:

- Our team will review applications on a rolling basis. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview.

4. Interview:

- If shortlisted, you will be invited for an interview to discuss your application, interests, and potential fit within Craft & Slate.

5. Selection:

- Successful candidates will be notified and provided with details about the internship start date, duration, and expectations.

Additional Information

- Internship Duration: Internships typically last 3-6 months, with the possibility of extension based on performance and availability.

- Location: Internships can be remote or on-site, depending on the role and current circumstances.

- Compensation: Details about compensation and benefits will be provided during the interview process.

We are excited to welcome passionate and talented individuals to our team. Your journey towards a fulfilling career in the creative industry starts here at Craft & Slate. Apply now and take the first step towards achieving your professional goals.


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