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About us

​We are artists, pioneers, visionaries, strategists, and analysts with over 17 years’ experience in visual design, branding, marketing,

and strategy.

Our People

We are a multi-disciplinary, multicultural team of passionate experts with exceptional skills and motivation. Our strong team of professionals consists of creative thinkers, strategists and doers with a vast range of experts. Our team experience and expertise spans a variety of niches including: Retail, fashion, Hospitality, Finance, Technology, Real-Estate and industrial sectors.

Jessica Mabaso


Jessica is a seasoned marketing & sales professional with over 8 years’ experience in the digital marketing space. She is passionate about in strategic user experience and marketing solutions.

Aziza Shodieva

Creative Director

Aziza is a multi-talented creative personality with an avid passion for design. She has extensive experience in the hospitality design sector.

Mandy Watkins


Mandy is a Marketing and Communications specialist with vast experience.

Our Approach

Every client has unique needs, we don’t adopt a one size fits all approach. We offer solutions that set brands apart by creating identities that uniquely distinguish them from competitors to make them more attractive. 

We employ a deep creative process with innovative tools and ideas to achieve effective brand alignment that leverages market opportunities. Our process is defined by rigorous engagement, extensive research, market analysis and meticulous attention to client objectives enabling us to achieve results.

Why us?

We combine strategy with great design, technology and a unique blend of techniques that are inspired by research, market analysis, urgency, professionalism, brand communication, innovative marketing practices and quality assurance to produce the best results.

Vast Experience, Full Service, Innovative, Flexible, Adaptable, Bespoke, Client Centric, Natural Talent, Meticulous, Quality Assured, Market Savvy are the reasons why we are a suitable partner to deliver on your project.

Our Story

Our inspiration comes from solving marketing challenges and an artful creative passion to develop innovative brand communication solutions that transcend market expectations.

Our strength lies in creating memorable brands with an unforgettable market recognition and immense commercial value. We are masters of shaping perceptions by invoking a creative language that drives growth through desirable visual expressions.

​Our foundation comes from a rich history of creative experience in SIDL Web & Multimedia, a former Johannesburg based multimedia agency founded in 2005 that has evolved into Craft & Slate Creative Agency imparting its vast knowledge and resources.

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