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Victoria Sidlay

Victoria Sidlay Branding Development

Victoria Sidlay was looking for a logo design, brand development, and visual brand identity. They wanted to make sure they were getting the best results possible.

They contacted our team who specializes in these services. The team at Craft & Slate worked with Victoria Sidlay Branding Development to develop a logo design that was elegant, professional and eye-catching. The team also developed their brand development plan which included a tagline, mission statement and core values. Finally, Craft & Slate created a visual brand identity that would be used across all of the company's marketing materials such as flyers and brochures.

The result:
Victoria Sidlay now has an elegant logo that perfectly represents their company's values and mission statement. Their brand development plan has been implemented across all of their marketing materials so that customers know exactly what to expect from working with this company—and how they can help them succeed!


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