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Ledia Brand Development

Ledia Legal wanted to take their organisation to the next level. They had a great business strategy and concept, but they didn't have a logo design or visual brand identity that was cohesive, consistent, and clear.

In order to develop their new visual identity, our design team created an effective logo design and corresponding brand development plan. We started by taking an inventory of what they already had—the logo they were using, their current branding materials (business cards, posters), and their company profile and then we developed a set of guidelines for how the new logo should look and feel.

Once our team had those guidelines in place, we were able to create several different options for them to choose from. We presented them with these options in person so that they could see how each option would work with their existing branding materials as well as how it would affect the overall look and feel of their website.

After much deliberation, Ledia Legal Organisation decided on one of our proposed designs for their new logo, the client recieved a full visual brand identity package to use it on all marketing materials and communications.


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