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Eri Luxor

Eri Luxor Brand Development

Craft & Slate Creative Agency was approached by Eri Luxor Hotels to design a new logo and brand identity for the company. The company had been in operation for a few months and had been using a logo that had been designed by another agency at the time of their launch, but they were looking to update and modernize the look of their brand.

The first step in developing this project was to conduct extensive research on the target market and competitors within it. We identified several key players in the industry who were already doing well with their branding, and we used these companies as inspiration while also creating our own unique brand identity. We then created a new name for the company that reflected its core values and purpose as an organisation.

After choosing a name, we designed a logo that incorporated some of the elements from their original logo (such as Lux, Luxury and Luxo) but gave it a fresh new look that would appeal to potential customers. Finally, we developed an entire visual identity system based around this newly-branded company so that everything from business cards to websites to social media accounts would reflect the new image perfectly without being too similar or too different from what came before."


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